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"I choose to take the path led not by fear of the unknown, but by an appetite for dreams and purpose. I choose to create my world and not let the world create me." ~LaZae~ singer/songwriter, artist, environmentalist, lover, truth seeker.

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Recording guitars with @tgcontagious and Kenny Meriedeth today. Putting down some acoustic on a ‘58 Martin with a Telefunken 251. #studioflow #guitar #acoustic #mic #musician #livemusic (at North Hollywood, CA)

Finally a vlog from my recording trip last week in Sacramento!  We had such a great time and got so much work done.  I’m going to post another song from those recording sessions later next week.  Thanks again to Pat Olguin for all of his hard work!!

My first vlog of 2012!  I’ve dabbled in vlogging before, but I’m going to start really truly vlogging on a regular basis so stay tuned for more!  Getting ready to head to Sacramento, CA to record with Pat Olguin!  Leaving today!

Here’s a song I just wrote.  Super rough.  I’m getting in to record this one and a bunch of my new songs next week!  Can’t wait to share more!

Ooops!  I’m a dork.  I had a little technical difficulty and had to repost my cover video!  Please check it out at its new link!  Again this is me singing “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye.  Hope you enjoy!!  If you like it, please a pal and share with your friends, family, enemies, boss, dog and anyone else you can think of :)

And if you really love me, check out my original music/vlog channel at and tell all the above folks about that too ;)

Here’s my cover of “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye and my humble attempt at accompanying myself on guitar :-P. I can’t wait to get good enough to play at my shows!

And please check out my original music/vlog channel at too!